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Knives are manfactured by two corporations that manufactures the ultimate custom knife. McCroskey knives are made for the hunter by hunters raised on an Oklahoma farm. Knives are built from hand measurements for a perfect fit. The strong points for any knife are comfort, durability, and being unbelievably sharp (and staying sharp). McCroskey knives excel in all fields plus they look great and they're affordable.

Designs are the results of years of testing, experience and suggestions. The blades are ground from ATS34 steel bar stock. Heat treatment is done on location and blades are custom cryogenic treated. The handles are custom made from dymondwood, for that superior feel and toughness. Together with craftsmanship, skill, and experience they combine to create the ultimate in personal hunting or kitchen knives.

The current record, reported by a hunter, is field dressing 40 deer without sharpening. Most all customers cannot believe how sharp and long lasting the edge stays on McCroskey knives. You can field dress an elk without sharpening. I usually field dress and help skin four (4) before the knife needs a touchup. The most common words for a new user is "unbelievably sharp".

Updated: August 23, 2013