Advertisement has been "word of mouth" which has resulted in 2500 plus knives produced. These knives are scattered in 35 states and seven foreign countries.

A thirty-day money back warranty is offered. Our customers know the difference between knives, screwdrivers, pry bars... If you ever have a problem with a knife, we want to know about it.

Also offered is lifetime free servicing. When your knife needs service, if you will pay the postage (or have it dropped off) polishing and sharpening is free of charge.

Contact to talk knives:


McCroskey Custom Knives LLC
Robert "Corky"McCroskey
25400 Harvest Road
Morrison, OK 73061 
580 724-9296
405 880-4839 cell & text

Dave McCroskey Knives LLC

Dave McCroskey
520 S. Willis
Stillwater, OK 74074 
405 624-9900 
405 747-0087 cell & text