In April of 1998 this started as a copy of the "Pig Sticker." Since then the blade was thickened to 1/8" and deepened to 1.5." Last we have added our popular four-finger handle for control. Blades are 4.5 - 5" with a drop point for opening up an animal. Personally, it is too large for deer except as a kitchen knife during processing. My brother just finished field testing this knife along with the elk model on a New Mexico elk. Less than two hours later everything was done (including quartering and bagged) cleaned up and both knives would still shave from the tip down. Butch also makes a greater butcher knife for the kitchen. An oak stand is available instead of a sheath. This knife and the boner model in a wooden holder make a great kitchen set. Look in "More Knives" for the lastest style.

Serious elk hunters will use the elk knife for opening up and leg work, then use the butch knife for skinning the large areas. This combination will easily field dress 3-5 elk before either needs shapening.