Order Information


The following information will be needed to order a knife.


Shipping address (both USPS and Fedex)

Telephone number (required if shipped Fedex)


Engraving name (initials) on knife

Make knife for- right hand, left hand or ambidextrous

Knife model-Elk, proskinner, trapper set, kitchen set, butch...

Handle colors (usually up to three) red, green , yellow, black blue... Also some colors are bold and some natural wood tones.

Sheath type (flap or without flap over top)

Sheath tooling design (if any)-Arrowhead, Double basketweave, Large basketweave, Small basketweave.

Sheath color-Light antique brown, autumn brown, russett, medium brown, black.

Sheath location-wear on right side of body or left side.

Location of sheath lettering (if any) Side of sheath or front of sheath (3 letters max.)

Wood Kitchen block holder (usually oak) stain