Effective July 1, 2013

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Pro skinner w/sheath $235.00
Elk w/sheath $225.00
Willow w/sheath $160.00
Curved Trapper w/sheath^~ $125.00
Straight Trapper w/sheath^~ $120.00
Trapper set-curved & straight w/ sheath^~ $225.00
^Plain sheath. Tooled sheath +$5.00 each.
~Sheath with flap +$5.00

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Boining w/sheath $235.00
Butcher w/sheath $235.00
Fillet w/sheath $225.00
Kitchen Set 2 Piece (Utility and Paring Knife)w/wood stand* $225.00

Utility Knife w/wood stand*


Paring Knife w/wood stand*

*Choice of oak or walnut block  
All knives come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If not satisfied with your knife, return for a full refund. You must pay return shipping. Knives are warranty, as knives, for life-satisfaction and performance. We believe our customers know the difference between knives, screwdrivers, pry bars...

Availability: Two weeks to two months delivery time depending upon inventory and workload. Contact us and an approximate shipping date can be given . McCroskey knives are sharpen free. (Please pay shipping both ways or bring it by).

If you are a GGVG, NRA, RMEF, NAHC member ask about discounts when ordering.