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Hi,  I received my knife Wednesday.  I must say this is the finest knife I've owned.  The handle looks great and fits my hand perfectly.  I am very pleased with it and have already shown it to others and recommended they look into purchasing one for themselves. Thank You Greg

Today Feb.22,2007 I received in the mail what I believe to be the best looking, best fitting, most functional and sharpest knife,my friends and I have ever seen, these days and times it's nice to see people that display such pride and craftmanship in there work. Mr. Gerald Porter the gentleman that made the knife sheath is to be commended on his craftmanship also, the fit and finish on both are a work of art. That's why I called you back and ordered the Trapper set in the same beautiful Amazon Marble Wood, can't wait till I get  them. Thank you so very much. Donald P.S.one of the nicest individuals I've ever talk with on the phone. ordering process was easy and the knife and sheath were shipped extremely fast. GREAT COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. Donald

There are very few things that are as good as claimed. Nosler Partition bullets are one.  McCroskey knives are another.  They are as sharp, and durable as claimed.  The blades are every bit as good as Dave claims, and the workmanship is superb.  I've owned several custom knives.  Frankly, the others cost more, and delivered less. My McCroskey elk knife is the ONLY thing that is heavy for what it does that goes in my elk hunting backpack.  And although I own one, I've bought three for gifts, for good friends and hunting companions.  That's how much I think of their knives.  I own a few things that are among the very best of their kind.  My McCroskey knife is one of them. Kevin

To All: I am not easily impressed with products. I try a lot of new things. I won't endorse a product unless I have confidence in it. I can tell you all, Dave's knives are the real deal. My search is over for a quality product. I will not use another knife for skinning, processing, or opening up an animal. These can not be beat, it isn't possible! Jeff


to all, with over 40 years hunting and 30 years in the resturant business i was pretty sure i had seen it all. from ginsu to henkel...along out of the blu comes a coyote hunter frim ...texas,,,tells me bout a knife he has...what a story he told...the sharpest,strongest, best built, best fit, best handlin knife he had ever owned....big talk from such a small guy...long story short...ordered one...unbelievable,,,,perfect fit...i thought i had put a glove on....i belive it will cut, and last forever...i will use this knife for the rest of my natural life then "pass it on" to my grandchildren one day... i truly hope the mccroskeys continue the tradition they have started for the select group of owners of these knives....and that their as well as our children will get to experince with great pride what it is to truly own such a fine piece of authentic and trusted craftsmanship...it would be a great loss to all if this tradition would ever stop...its hard to impress an old school kansas redneck...but with all honesty...to mr. mccroskey...."I AM IMPRESSED" p.s. these knives are not for children,,,it is meant to be a statement of fact not use!!!! Mark Echowood Ranch


   I want to thank you for your wonderful knives. I have worked with knives all my life and am well versed in the delight of a fine knife in both the kitchen and the field. I first saw one of your knives at S.C.I. silent auction. From looking at it and by the feel of the knife I knew I wanted it. I made many bids always hoping to win it. Dave saw me and stopped me at his table to explain just how awesome these knives were. He doodled on a paper with a ball point pen as he spoke. I watched him and he explained that he had been on an elk hunt , 7 elk had been dressed with his knife(it looked it), he said that he could still slice the ink off the paper from his doodle. I smiled and called his bluff, the ink sliced off leaving the paper intact. Well I have bought 11 of your knives for myself and gifts, all are impressed by them. All also treasure their knives as both a treasure and a trusted tool.
Dave yu are an impressive craftsman and a true minister for Christ, we are all blessed that know you. See you in the fields. Rick